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The world isn't always fair, and that's why this page exists. The following Portrait Photography T’s & C’s have been written to protect us and you (our client). By engaging Derek Chai Photography to take your photographs, you are agreeing to the following terms:



We will always:

  1. Be courteous and offer a professional service

  2. Be on time (or we will notify you if we are late due to circumstances beyond our control – eg. traffic)

  3. Perform to the best of our ability

  4. Provide photographic coverage as outlined in the Agreement

  5. Deliver the product/s in a timely manner



You will:

  1. Arrive on time for all meetings / shoots

  2. Provide full details of the chosen venue/s

  3. Pay any fees +/- expenses as applicable in the time stated in the Agreement

  4. Be aware that our session fees include travel within the Sydney Metro area only. For locations outside of this area, an additional fee of $50 per hour, plus any additional costs (including flights, accommodation as necessary), will be added to your final statement

  5. Not be intoxicated or under the influence of any drugs at any stage

  6. Contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend a session



  1. Please note that some venues (like churches) may have strict rules on photography. This is the responsibility of the client, who must notify us of any restrictions (eg. where we can stand, whether we can use artificial lighting like flash). With this knowledge, we will take the photographs to the best of our ability

  2. Some venues charge a fee or require a permit for photography. This includes council lands (even places like Centennial Park), famous icons, shopping precincts, zoos, theme parks. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the permit and pay any fees applicable

  3. Some venues don’t allow photography at all (eg. airports, military sites)



  1. All images taken by us remain the property of Derek Chai Photography / Derek Chai Media

  2. The number of images we deliver is highly dependent on a number of factors- for this reason, we do not specify the number of images we will give you

  3. Photographs maybe enhanced or edited

  4. Please note that we do not supply every photo taken. This includes pictures that might be out of focus, where you might have your eyes closed / unflattering expression, or when there is an equipment issue (eg. flash doesn’t fire)

  5. We do not ever provide RAW images

  6. Once we receive payment, the photographs (high-resolution JPEGs) will be delivered in the agreed manner. This may include USB media, online gallery, prints, or albums. JPEG files will be readable on any MAC or Windows computer. Delivered images are not watermarked


All provided photos are adjusted for colour and exposure. We also do reasonable edits for aesthetics and composition.

Please note that we do not routinely alter images for cosmetic reasons (eg. birth marks, removing acne, cellulite, whitening teeth, removing bra straps, tan lines, etc). Under exceptional circumstances (and at our discretion), we may be able to provide this service, at an additional cost.


You are free to use the images in the following ways:

  1. Personal use

  2. For family & friends

  3. For social media

Where possible, please credit Derek Chai Photography as the photographer.

Images must not be:

  • Altered / edited in anyway without prior consent from us

  • Displayed in a gallery without prior consent from us

  • Entered into competitions or used in any commercial manner.


It is, by implication that, by engaging us for photography (whether free or paid), you agree that we may use the images (including the likeness of any person pictured) in any way that we see fit (this is the Model Release).

This “use” can include any promotional, marketing or commercial purpose, as well as posts on social media. No financial renumeration will be provided for use of these images. We will never use an image that might be considered inappropriate. We are very sensitive about the needs and safety of our clients.

If there is a specific reason as to why you do wish to have an image used for marketing purposes, you should contact us immediately


We promise to make every effort to produce high quality photographs for you- however, things can happen (or not happen).

Derek Chai Photography does not accept responsibility for failure to provide any specific image requested. We also cannot be responsible for any member who does not comply to requests to be photographed (this also applies to children and pets).

We use professional gear (with backups), but we cannot accept responsibility for any loss of photographs as a result of technical issues, equipment failure, theft, or other loss. If possible, we will re-shoot the photograph; no financial refund shall be provided.

If we are unable to attend a session due to unforeseen circumstance, such as illness or emergency, we will reschedule at a time which is mutually convenient. Our liability in this situation is limited to no more than the fee paid.

In the event of adverse weather, it maybe more appropriate to reschedule a shoot. This will be done for a mutually convenient time.

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