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The Magic of Disney- Hong Kong Edition!

Recently, as part of our trip to Hong Kong and Taiwan, we visited Hong Kong Disneyland. We had not been there for a number of years, and remembering that on the previous trip, we were presented with a tiny park with few attractions, we were looking forward to the new surprises that Disney had for us. We are happy to report that there have been many improvements to HKDL, and whilst it is still far behind our favourite park in California, the updated version is well worth a visit.

Tomorrowland Hong Kong Disneyland
Tomorrowland Hong Kong Disneyland

If you want to read more about our experiences, I have written a blog about our HKDL trip, which you can find here. If you love what you see, I invite you to also become part of my Instagram Disney community. See you real soon!

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