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I must be the only person in Sydney who feels nauseous at the idea of having to make a trip to Ikea. But don't get me wrong- I don't have anything against the business (except for the fact that my fingers always hurt when I use their Allen key to assemble stuff), and I used to go there quite frequently.

But now that our home is well established, and I am so busy with other stuff, the thought of being trapped inside a never-ending maze for an hour or two does not fill me with the warm and fuzzies. It's like you're trapped in a time warp and there is no escape. How many moons have passed since I entered the shop?

To be fair, Ikea pricing is reasonable, and the products are of decent quality. And that's probably all most of us need. It'll help fill a new house or apartment without breaking the bank. But I have my reasons for disliking this icon (I've even been to the Ikea in Hong Kong). You don't have to agree. It's all good.

Check out the video:

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