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Apple AirPods Pro- Does the left one stay in my ear?

Who here keeps having one (or both) of their AirPods fall out? I am putting my hand up. Always the left one. When moving my head, exercising, etc. And it is a little annoying when you have to keep fiddling with it and trying to put it back in properly. Apart from that, my AirPods have been a very welcome addition to my tech.

And now I have the AirPods Pro. They're smaller, have wireless charging (I only had the first gen AirPods), and now active noise cancelling. Just what is needed to block out all the unwanted noises at the gym (including other people grunting, dropping weights, and singing out loud). The new AirPods Pro are AU$399, which is a $150 increase from the last generation. Are they worth it? In my opinion, they are.

They are because I really like the active noise cancelling. If they didn't have them, I wouldn't have bought them. And did I mention that they fit better in my ears? So far, so good. I also really like the wireless charging capability (you can still charge them via a conventional cable, but why would you?).

Let me know in the comments how you find the new Apple AirPods Pro.

Until next time, get creating!


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