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Australiana Pioneer Village on Australia Day

This is the second time we've been to this little old village in Wilberforce on Australia Day. The last was a few years ago when it was muddy from all the rain- this year it was boiling hot, amidst the Summer of unending heat and bushfires.

For $5 per person, this represents good value. It's a cute little place full of Australian history, with lots of things for the kids to do. Including riding a penny farthing, learning how to crack a whip, morse code, and hands on with reptiles.

There are horse and carriage rides, as well as vintage cars to see. One disappointing thing was that the blacksmith wasn't working. That would have been amazing if kids could see the making of horseshoes, etc. I remember when we were little, we went to a place called Old Sydney Town, up in the Central Coast. I was really sad when that place closed down, as it was a great day out too.

I really like the ambience of this little village. It wasn't too busy this time (it was really packed last time we went). I wonder if the atmosphere is still as good when it's not Australia Day. This village isn't always open- so it's best to check their website if you are thinking about going.

I hope you enjoy this video, and keep creating!


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