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We nearly bought a new blender- what?

We've got this really old blender that we basically used to use for making smoothies. And maybe breadcrumbs. But for months now, we've not used it for anything because we haven't been able to get the screw-off base off the jug to clean it. No doubt it's because of all the gunk that is stuck in there, but no matter what the reason is, we just couldn't get it off, no matter how hard we twisted!

We were nearly in the process of getting a new blender (which for us, is not that necessary because literally we use it just for those 2 above purposes), but I thought I'd give it one more try. I stumbled across a couple of videos on the internet, and in no time, I managed to get the base off! And yes, it was filthy, and that's why it was so stuck. But this method is so easy, and you don't actually need a lot of physical strength: it's a matter of using leverage! You don't need any tools or anything either.

Now I'm going to go and enjoy my smoothie in a clean yet old blender.

If anybody else has this problem (surely I'm not the only one right??), I hope this video helps.

See you next time,


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