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Blue Gum Walk- Our First Venture Back Into Society

We've been locked down for so long in Sydney that it is weird, and somewhat scary, to be able to go back to the real world. With Covid still very much a thing, we are venturing back in slowly, just dipping our toes back into the water, rather than jumping it without any hesitation.

So, our first venture was to a local walking trail, followed by a brief trip to the pet store for some essentials, and then finally, a quick stop at the doughnut place on the way home. The donuts were delicious, by the way. It's also the first time that I've vlogged for a long time, and an age since I last took the Sony ZV-1 out of the house.

We had a fun day, and we look forward to doing some more "safe" adventures soon. I think the kids loved it too, as they've been stuck at home even more than us.

Please continue to stay safe, and look after your loved ones. Because this ain't over.


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