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Well hello, Oreo!

You guys! Oreo is the cutest puppy ever! We brought him home 2 weeks ago, and this cavoodle pup has melted our hearts and already has become a very much loved member of our family. In this vlog, I'm giving you a glimpse into the world of a little doggy, as I've documented some of his adventures over the week (it was his second week with us), from playing, walking, to sleeping and having a bath.

Puppies, like kittens, are a lifetime commitment, and we thought long and hard before making the big decision of welcoming 4 new paws into our home. Oreo is not a Covid pet; he suits our lifestyle, he is fun loving and kind natured. Exactly the characteristics we were looking for in a new friend.

Like all babies, Oreo has his moments, but he is awesomely well behaved and has adjusted really well, and I can say for all of us, we love him.

I hope you enjoy a little snippet into the life of our new pup; have a great day!


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