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Wedding in Cooma, NSW

Recently, we took a weekend road trip to Cooma for a family wedding. It was a quick trip- only 1 full day, with two, 6 hour drives. The best thing is that we got to pat some cute horses, and feed them some grass in a paddock.

We also ate way too much fast food, but I guess that's what happens when you spend 2 entire days in the car, right? Fast food always seems like a good idea, until you've eaten it. And does anybody feel that it's quite expensive these days?

The wedding was on a beautiful, scenic farm- and I'm sure the bride & groom got some amazing photos (we were not the photographers for this wedding- we attended as family). Everywhere I looked, I saw a place which looked amazing for a couples shoot! There is no way you couldn't get awesome professional-looking images with a backdrop such as this. There were fields, bushes, sheds, barns, you name it!

I'd love to see the professional wedding pictures, but the reality is that, as guests, we rarely get to see anything but a small snippet of curated posts on social media. But as a wedding photographer, I'm always keen to learn from other professional's work, and see how their final images turn out.

I hope you guys are having a great week.

Stay creative,


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