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Getting Swabbed for Covid-19

This week, I had a swab for Covid-19. Not what I planned to have to do, but one of our girls had a mild sore throat, and we did what we were told we should do. This pandemic is getting worse rather than better, and it's been many months now. Sadly, the numbers are getting scary big (we're talking in the millions), and I get very disappointed whenever I hear or read that people are ignoring the rules and doing the wrong thing. Not only is this very risky for the particular individual, but it has dire consequences for the entire community. Just look at what is happening in Victoria right now. A small number of people being irresponsible has led to a large number of innocent people catching the virus, and an even larger number of people being forced back into lockdown.

The Covid swab is not pleasant, but it is only uncomfortable for a few seconds. And then we wait at home until the results come back. Everybody in the household. We took our other daughter out of school, and we went into self-isolation. Some people think that it's OK to go out when their swab result is pending- it is not. And we know that, even once our swabs returned negative, we still need to maintain good hand hygiene and social distancing, because just because we didn't get it on this occasion, it doesn't mean we can't get it at any time. I personally know of people who have already had 4 Covid swabs!

This video is just a quick look into what is involved in getting swabbed, at a drive-thru testing clinic in Sydney, Australia. It took about 90 minutes, but we were comfortable with the fact that we were sitting in our own car, and not in a room with dozens of people coughing everywhere. Even out 7 year old daughter tolerated the test quite OK. The results took approximately 36 hours to come back (I don't know how much difference it made because I am a healthcare worker and they marked urgent on the request). We got a text message to say that everything was fine (apparently a doctor calls if you're positive).

So let's work together and reduce the risk of transmission. We don't now when (or if) a vaccine is coming, so this is going to be a marathon. Nothing good is going to happen overnight, but there is every possibility that something bad will, so we need to stay alert for risks. Let's work together and fight this thing. The longer it takes for this message to get through, the more lives will be lost (maybe yours or somebody you care about), the more people will be inconvenienced, and the longer it will all take.

If you have symptoms, stay home, and get a swab. That's the bottom-line.

Take care, and stay safe,


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