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Currarong and Surrounds

Welcome to part 2 of my 3 part short South Coast holiday series. In this video, we visit Callala Bay, home of one of the world's most expensive supermarkets (no exaggeration). I know it's a holiday destination, but the prices are ludicrous. For a chain supermarket reputed to be great for its low prices.

Huskisson is a pretty place. It's much more touristy than Currarong, but the attraction is that there are loads of shops, cafes and restaurants. It almost looks like that town where Jaws was set. Huskisson is about 30 minutes drive from where we were staying, and I think I prefer to stay where we were rather than there. Shops are good, but so many people, not so good. They do have a nice bakery on one of the side streets. Their slices were yummy.

The one thing about Currarong is that, it's rarely busy. When all the other nearby beach towns are full to the brim, it might still be quiet, the main reason being that there is nothing else to do there. If that's something you're into (I mean quiet, no shops to distract you and to spend your money at), then it might be the place for you to go, especially during the Summer holidays. In fact, most afternoons, you'll have the entire beach to yourself at sunset. And who wouldn't want that? I'll upload a few pictures in a future blog post.

One of things about where we stayed was that the walls are thin, and you'll hear everything that goes on next door, which is not the best if you're there to rest. Depends on your luck, if you're there with a few screaming kids in the apartment next door, you might not get as much rest as you hoped.

In the final video, I'll give my wrap up of the place where we stayed, and there might be a fun thing or 2 as well.

Until then, have a creative week. And I'll see you again. Soon.


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