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Disney Mini Brands Collectible Toys Reveal!

I love Disney, and am sad that our last trip got cancelled before we even had a chance to book it. The last time we were planning to visit our most Happiest Place on Earth was just before the world was turned upside down by the pandemic. And to be frank, I'm not sure when we will be ready to go back, even though the theme parks in the US are open (whilst the Asian ones keep closing). The numbers are way too high, and I can't even begin to imagine the problems if one of our family got sick whilst abroad. We've experienced illness when vacationing in the US in the past, and whilst the expenses were covered mostly by our travel insurance, the sheer stress and inconvenience is not, in my opinion, worth it. It's not that I'd be concerned about wearing a mask at the theme park, but more of the risk of catching something on the flight over, or whilst eating in a restaurant.

In recent times, I've let my passion for Disney kinda fall by the wayside. There is in reality, very little Disney magic to get excited in Australia. There are no stores here and the shipping from the US Disney Store is so expensive that it's ridiculous. There is free shipping from the UK store, but the items are far more limited than the US.

The other day, we were doing a little shopping at K-Mart, and on the way to the check out, we saw these little round Disney branded toys. They were in fact, Disney Mini Brands, which is a new (at least to me) range of collectible mini toys. For $10, you get 5 random collectible toys, out of a set of at least 50, a few of which are “limited edition” or “super rare”. The ones we saw were the “Disney Store” edition, which I’m guessing, means that the toys in it are mini-sized replicas of toys you can purchase at the Disney Store.

The packaging is cool, and the toys in there are TINY. Some are actually quite cute, and they did, for a little while, remind us of the fun times we had browsing for hours in the various Disney Stores scattered throughout the theme parks.

I really wish we could go there again, but for a family in Australia, such a trip is very expensive, and I want to make sure that it is low stress and high fun, well at least as much as possible. And right now, the scales are showing the opposite. Fingers crossed we can go again one day, once it’s safe. But in the meantime, we will still have things like these Disney Mini Brands to keep the magic alive.

If you want to see what collectibles we got, you can watch my Youtube video here:

Have a magical day!


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