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Disney+ with Apple TV- How?

For those who are so happy we're getting our Disney fix, how do we get it on to the family TV if we don't have a smart TV (ie. a TV that doesn't connect to the internet)? This post is specifically for us Apple fans- there will be alternatives using Android, like Chromecast.

As far as I can figure out, there are 2 ways of getting Disney+ on to a non-smart TV. The first way, which is my less preferred way, is to open the app on your iPhone or iPad and Airplay it onto your TV via Apple TV.

The second, which is obviously the best, is to stream it directly from your Apple TV. The problem with this method, which applied to us, is that you need the 4th Generation Apple TV to make this happen. Any version before this (ours is Gen2, I think), will not do. There is no provision to get the Disney+ app on this version, and hence we had to spend the $209 to upgrade to version 4. I bought the 32GB HD version; there is a more expensive 4K version, but we have no plans on purchasing a 4K TV in the near future (and if we did, we would probably get one with internet connectivity anyway).

You can theoretically install the new Apple TV automatically via your existing iPhone, but that did not work for me. But doing it manually wasn't too difficult anyway. One suggestion that I have for you guys is that you install the Remote App on your phone, because using the included remote for Apple TV is painful- especially when you're searching show names. But you will have to use the included remote during setup.

The other thing to know is that Apple TV does not come with a HDMI cable, so if you don't have one lying around in the house, you'll have to buy one of those too.

I'm really enjoying Disney+ at the moment. How cute is Baby Yoda? And it's not all about Disney movies. There are some great documentaries and behind-the-scenes shows that are awesome too!

Let me know what shows you're watching in the comments below.

Happy watching!


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