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My Life As A Doctor: A New Video Series!

Well guys, it's time. It's finally here! I've been thinking about making this series of videos for awhile now, and I feel like now is the perfect moment.

You may or may not know that I've been a practising doctor for 25 years. Yep- that's a long time to be doing the same thing. I would now like to offer my opinion / experience / expertise on what it is like to be a doctor.

So, if you are thinking of going to med school, or are currently a doctor who is unsure whether you want to continue doing what you do, this is for you.

I would love to bring you some value by giving you my 2 cents, and hope that I can help you make the right decision for you, based on what you want in life, not what others what you to be,

This is purely an introductory video; I want it to be raw, and straight from my heart.

I'd love to create an entire series of videos, covering things such as:

Actually deciding for yourself that you want to go to med school.

Not letting somebody else (especially your parents) tell you what career you should pursue.

What happens if you're half way through your degree, and you're not feeling it?

You're now a doctor, but you feel really disillusioned and don't know whether you should close up the shop and try something else.

What happens if you think you got it all wrong, and just need to reset?

Regret is the worst possible thing in life, but sometimes you don't feel it until they're tallying up the scores at the end. You don't want to live the next 25 years on somebody else's dreams and end up regretting it all and hating your life.

I hope you find this video useful. Please leave me a comment and share your experience, whether you're just thinking about starting, or you're at the end of your tether, wishing that you were doing something else, in some place else.

I look forward to bringing you this series, and also continuing with my other videos, depicting my love for Disney, tech and other things.

See you soon,


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