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Korean Supermarket Haul!

So this week, we found this (relatively) new supermarket near where we go for a walk sometimes, in Wentworth Point. Anyway, as a treat, the kids got to get some extra hot / spicy chips, and we all tried some new ice creams. One, was a peach-shaped (and flavoured) ice block, the other, a durian-flavoured ice block in the shape of a samurai warrior.

Truthfully, I'm not sure that either ice cream was worth it, but it's always neat to try new things. I've been told by wife on a number of occasions that I was never to bring a durian into the house, but I guess I kinda got away with an ice cream version. She still didn't enjoy it though.

Hope you guys are well. Take care, live your dream, and I'll see you again soon.


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