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Fagan Park- Is this the perfect photoshoot location in Sydney?

I've been wanting to do this video for a while now. Fagan Park is located in northern Sydney, in the Hornsby shire, and could well be the best location in Sydney for a couples / wedding / family photoshoot. There are so many spots here, and the park is so large, that even on a weekend, it doesn't feel overly crowded.

There is a cost to park here, and you do require a permit to do professional photography. Clients should always be made aware of these costs, as they are usually passed on to them. The more the client is informed about stuff like this, the more likely they will trust you, and that's how you build great relationships.

I advise strongly against the idea of "taking a chance". There's a high chance you'll get caught here, and even if you don't, everybody will be looking over their shoulder just in case, and that does not make for beautiful, stress-free photography.

If you have any thoughts on this park (or your favourite photoshoot location in your area), or experience about having to pay fees to shoot, please leave a comment.

As usual, have fun, and I'll catch you next time!


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