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Bushfires and fireworks don't mix!

People love controversy and this is something that is going to set a few feathers flying. Sydney (and Australia as a whole) is in the grip of a terrible drought. It's early December, and there are bushfires all over the place. Properties have been lost, and people have died. Firefighters are exhausted. And that's why I wonder about the sense of allowing fireworks in this dry environment.

As this is the festive season, there are a lot of local "Carols by Candlelight" occurring in the suburbs. These are a great way to get the community together for some fun and Christmas cheer. However, what is the common sense about having fireworks at the end of such performances? I mean, lighting fires, and sending them high into the night sky, with the possibility that one of these sparks can set alight a neighbourhood tree or shrub.

I posted a video of this on a closed suburban Facebook community group, and within 2 days, got over 1100 views, and many comments that were both for and against.

A lot of people made comments as to how much money was being wasted, how inappropriate it was during this time, how dangerous it was, and so forth...

Then there were the other comments that said stuff like people are overreacting and ruining the festive season.

Clearly, this is a controversial topic at this times and clearly something worth debating. Anyway, I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments below. It's OK either way.

Stay safe,


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