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New bands for the Fitbit Charge 2!

Fitbit has always been a great, innovative company. They were amongst the first to come up with fitness monitors, and I have always found their customer support to be excellent, especially early on, when there were quite a few teething problems with their initial offerings. I would go as far last to say that, except for the fact that the Apple Watch supports iOS better (especially things like Apple Pay), I would very much happily continue to use Fitbit stuff.

My family continues to have Fitbits, and we've probably owned more than 10 in the time the company has been open. Just a few weeks ago, the strap on my wife's Fitbit Charge 2 broke. It was not due to manufacturing issues, but rather, the band just got pulled a little too hard, purely by accident.

In our search to replace the strap / band, our first port of call was stores that stocked Fitbits. However, we did not purchase our replacement band there. Being a somewhat older device, not only were they hard to find at retail stores (and they had less choice in terms of colours, etc), they were very expensive. We're talking about $50+ for a replacement band. Like I said, crazy expensive. When there is such a dramatic discrepancy between original and generic (especially when it comes to something as simple as a strap- we're not talking electronics here), it's really hard to justify paying the premium. Sorry, Fitbit. We managed to get 2 bands, including one which looks very similar to the Nike+ Apple watchband, for a total of less than $13, with free postage, from eBay.

The bands look pretty similar, and yes, they might be slightly less sturdy feeling than the Fitbit brand ones, but the difference at first glance, appears marginal. We'll see in the months to come as to whether they hold up to daily use, but right now, we're happy we saved $37. To get the consumer's hard earned money these days, businesses have to be innovative. When it's not possible to compete on price, one must figure out how to attract customers through a combination of ingenuity, freshness and personal treatment.

Until next time, stay creative!


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