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Flat Tyre + Woolworths Disney tiles

It was one of those Sundays that didn't go as planned. We were on the way to the Golden Ridge Animal Farm when a tyre blew. I spent the majority of Sunday getting the tyre repaired. It shocks me that in 2019, there is literally one tyre place open in the whole of Sydney (Bob Jane T-mart at Granville)- it took two and a half hours to get the tyre fixed, during which I wasted time at Westfield Parramatta. It's not a great mall these days, and by the time the tyre was fixed, the day was pretty much over.

Later in the afternoon, I did go and looked at the Disney tiles that were released that week at Woolworths supermarkets. They are metal Scrabble-like pieces, with one of 36 Disney characters on one side, and a letter on the other. They're kinda neat, and you get one for every $30 spend.

There are a few extra bits, including a bag, some magnetic frames to attach the tiles, hats, and Squishables (none of which were available at my local supermarket).

Here is the video from the day:

I'd love to hear your experiences of collecting Disney tiles. Do you have them all?

Until next time,


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