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Fully Vaccinated! How sick did we get from the Pfizer shot?

People are nervous about the vaccine because of the very rare incidence of blood clots with the AZ vaccine, but realistically, if we want to remain safe here in Australia, we've got to get vaccinated. The lure of money means that the government is going to want to open borders as soon as they possibly can, and with that, more (potentially many more) cases of Covid-19 will reach our shores. We've already seen what can happen when one case leaks out of Hotel Quarantine.

The rare side effect aside, different people will get different reactions to the vaccine. Some will, luckily, feel very little. Some will actually get really sick. But the good news is that these symptoms are generally very short-lived, and should not be a reason to not get vaccinated.

My wife and I feel super grateful that we've been able to get the vaccine. We wish you the best as you decide what is right for you, your family, and your community.

And remember, being fully vaxed is not a reason to relax. All the other things that we should have been doing all along, like distancing and mask wearing, needs to remain.

Stay safe,


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