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Giving Stuff Away might actually be good for your business

This may seem like a totally trivial thing, but it made four people very happy. And now I'm going to spread the word about this man's business, and it's hardly cost him anything. Last month, when we visited Taipei, we visited Tonghua Night Markets, which was 10 minutes walk from our hotel. We've actually been there 3 times, mainly to have a look around, and to play the famous claw machines scattered throughout Taipei. Needless to say, we've spent a bit of money "winning" soft toys and such (most of which are probably non-genuine). The claw machines here in Taiwan are different to those in Sydney. They are much cheaper to play (NTD$10, which is less than AUD$0.50), and whilst you'll probably lose all of your money, if you play the same machine long enough, there is s payout figure-which means that once you reach a certain spend (this is cumulative, meaning you don't have to be the only person to have played the machine), you get a free go and the claw doesn't let go.

Tonight was the first time that we took both of our daughters there, and the little one was a little out of sorts. She was overwhelmed by all the people, the lights, the sounds, the smells, everything the makes these markets so interesting.

Claw machine toys

The gentleman who owns one of the claw machine shops- I don't know his name, I don't have a picture of him, and I don't even know what the name of his shop is, made it super easy for our daughter to win something. He even gave us a couple of free toys as well. He didn't have to, and now he wins because I'm going to tell everybody. In a place where everybody's trying to make money, this kind-hearted man used some of his profits and made our family happy, and I'm in a position to pay him back by letting you all know that you should give him business.

His shop is, if you're entering from the main entrance of the market, on the right-hand side. It's actually the last claw machine store on the right, before you hit the next big street.

Just by being kind and giving, this man wins. I hope that all of our readers, if you're ever in the area, give him some of your business. Acts like this is the best form of advertising there is- word of mouth from satisfied customers.

Sometimes giving something small can bring you big rewards.


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