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GoPro Hero 10 Cinematic- A Walkthrough A Plant Nursery

A good content creator is one who is able to make great content, irrespective of location, lighting or prevailing conditions. Because you see, making quality content, whether it be still images, video, music or written words, is not dependent on any of the factor I’ve already mentioned; nor is it necessarily correlated with how expensive the gear or tech is.

A content creator is a storyteller, someone who can elicit an emotional response, whether it is joy, excitement, love or sometimes, sadness.

This video was filmed on a GoPro Hero 10, handheld, with no extra lighting, gimbals or anything else. As usual, I took the footage, transferred to LumaFusion on my iPad Pro, and edited it with some music added. And what you see in the video is the result of my work. It didn’t take days and days to do this on Final Cut or Premiere; in fact it may have taken me an hour or so to put the clips together- with some of my videos, it sometimes takes me longer to upload it to YouTube than it actually takes for me to make it. You see, quality content is not always proportionate to the amount of time spent creating it.

For those of you who don’t live in Australia, Bunnings is a hardware store chain, much like Home Depot in the US. And most of the warehouses here have a nursery, or a plant section, located outdoors. This is the setting for my story. It is not the prettiest location to film, but the colours of the flowers are spectacular, in my opinion.

My goal is to make great videos even when the surroundings don’t necessarily scream “great video location”. I truly believe this is what it means to be a content creator- great content, any day, any situation, using any gear.I’d love to hear your opinion on this.

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