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A Spider Head Massager For My Birthday

This has to be one of the most unexpected birthday presents I’ve ever received in my 31 (plus many more which I have forgotten about) years.

A spider-like scalp or head massager, which basically looks just like a whisker out of the kitchen drawer. It’s meant to be soothing and relaxing, relieving tension to the scalp (and therefore the rest of the body), whilst improving blood flow to the area.

I’m not sure I received any of these benefits so far. Perhaps I haven’t used it for long enough, and once I give it more time, it will all come to me.

When I first took the massager out of the packaging and applied it to my head, I got a few goosebumps. Since then, nothing. Oh well, it would have been great if it relaxed me, because I do have a lot of tension in my neck. And I find it quite difficult to rid myself of said tension. If I remember, I’ll stick the "spider" back on my head again later.

I do need to relax though....



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