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A Few Things About The Hero 9

A fa-few-things-about-the-hero-9ew weeks ago, I made a video about the GoPro Hero 9. In my opinion, right now, the most capable action camera money can buy- without any shadow of doubt. Now that I've used one for a couple of weeks, that opinion has not changed. As a standalone, never-owned a GoPro before, the Hero 9 is an easy decision- buy and go out, and enjoy life. Don't even worry about it a second longer. Even with the few little quirks that I will mention below. If you've owned a previous GoPro, including last year's Hero 8, is it still a good buy?

If you forget about the fact that you have to get a whole new set of batteries (and mods), I still believe it is. Longer battery life, Hypersmooth 3.0, replaceable lens. These should be more than enough reasons to upgrade. And then there is 5K video recording, and the game-changer, if you're into vlogging, the front-facing screen. An absolute winner, in a small, water-resistant package.

Yes, there are a few shortcomings with this camera, and I will name the main ones here:

  • A company that has a history of not being overly responsive to their customer's issues

  • Significant delays in the release of mods for Hero 8, so this might be the same for the Hero 9

  • The need for new batteries, which are currently impossible to source (as of October 1, 2020). Be aware that unless you buy a camera in the same transaction, you cannot buy batteries from the online GoPro store if you're in Australia (batteries ship from Singapore, and this isn't currently allowed as per IATA rules)

  • 5K not currently compatible with iOS

  • Some quirks in connecting the camera and offloading footage on Apple Macs and iOS devices

  • The special price, including the GoPro Subscription, is only available online through the GoPro website, not in physical stores

If none or few of these bother you, you know what to do.

Truth be told, this GoPro is the best they've ever made. If they tidied up the connectivity with Apple devices, it would almost be perfect. That's just my 0.02

I hope you're having fun creating. Until next time,


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