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H-go Portable Hand Sanitiser Review

These guys are Australian, and their products are made from recycled plastic, so this is a great start. Hand sanitisers are the quintessential carry-with-you accessory for the 2020's, along with a N95 facemask. Having germs on your hands from touching everyday items like door handles and shopping trollies, and then rubbing your face, is a quick way of catching something nasty.

The concept of portable hand sanitisers is definitely not a new one. From my personal experience, Disney started doing this more than 10 years ago, making cute little keychain sanitisers with Disney characters. They knew that hand hygiene was important in their theme parks (and in other parts of life), even way back then. And of course, there are the your standard mini sanitisers that you can buy from supermarkets and pharmacies. Some have carabiners attached to them so they can hang off you bag, etc. Some are pump / spray bottles, whilst others are like squeezable dispensers.

Enter the H-go Personal Hand Sanitiser. They come in 5 colours and 3 fragrances (well, 2 plus unscented). Each sanitiser is a 50mL plastic bottle in a mist / spray format, and is lockable so you don't accidentally spill it in your bag. The starter pack comes with a 200mL refill and a strap (which I haven't got right now because it's on backorder, but the company promises that they will send them out once stock returns).

The question is, why would anybody pay $29 for a refillable bottle of hand sanitiser? For one thing, it is environmentally friendly. They do look WAY cooler than the standard ones. They are refillable too, but so are all the others. Whilst the refill that comes with the H-go is very liquid (which means the liquid will come out as a mist), I have tried other hand sanitiser refills and they do work, albeit the "stream" is much stronger, and indeed something that I personally prefer. With the proprietary refills, you apparently can get up to 400 sprays each time, which is pretty good (but you would need more than one spray to clean both hands).

Sure, they are a bit more expensive compared to the basic hand sanitisers, and long as they are durable, I would be OK with it. Let's see how things go with time. But at this point, it is different to what most other people will have, and if you are into that, then this is a good thing. And judging by the fact that their website is currently sold out, maybe there are lots of people who want this thing. Regardless, always have some sanitiser with you when you go out. Always.

Stay safe everybody.


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