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This Wand Chose Me

The wand chooses the wizard. And it's my turn.

Recently, I purchased a special edition, Professor Series Harry Potter wand, and unboxed it in my latest YouTube video, which you can watch below.

I feel like this a pretty unique set, because it comes with wands from some of the less "main stream" characters, like Professor Flitwick and Professor Trelawny. There was only one wand in this set (there are a total of nine) that I didn't want, and that was the Elder Wand. Not because I don't like this wand, but it's so common, so to speak.

Happily, I can report that I didn't get the Elder Wand, and the wand that I did get, feels very good quality. It's not like the cheap plasticky wands you get from your average department store. It actually feels solid. Probably not as much as the high-end wands, but still solid. I don't know whether I'll try to collect the entire set, or whether I should just stick with just one. I guess time will tell.

Another thing that I've decided, in the process of making this video, is that I'm going to learn some of the more advanced skills in LumaFusion, the iOS app that I use exclusively to edit my videos. I want to be able to create wand special effects, amongst other things, but they all look so complicated for a "first year" like me! Anyway, in time, I'm sure I can learn some new techniques.

Let me know in the comments below who your fave HP character is, and whether you collect wands.

Have a great weekend,


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