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Good, but bad. My new Apple iPad Mini case

We've all bought stuff from eBay before, and often times, the product we see is not too much like the product we receive. But, this silicon case for the iPad Mini 2021 actually fits really well. It feels sturdy and, all the holes match up to the tablet. And being clear, you can see the cool colour on the back of the iPad, as well as the Apple Logo. And for $13, it is not an expensive item.

But unfortunately, and this is a big but, there is a group of people, like me, who this case is not suitable for. Anyone who plans to use this tablet with the Apple Pencil will find this case to be the wrong one for them. Whilst there is a groove in the side of the case for the pencil (which still kind of magnetically attaches to the tablet), there is no point of direct contact, meaning that there is no way to charge the pencil (or connect it to the iPad) without removing the case. This clearly, is unacceptable.

For those who have no intention of using the Apple Pencil, and are happy with the screen being exposed, this is a great case. But for me, I'll be spending some more money on another case which will be more useful for my needs.

Stay safe and have a great day,


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