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iPhone 12 Pro Max. The best phone right now. But do you need it?

This is a big call, but I genuinely think that overall, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the easiest to use and the best performing smartphone right now. But remember, this is coming from somebody who can't get into Android. If Samsung made phones that ran iOS, maybe there would be some real competition....

Anyway. the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a great phone. But as the flagship phone, it's also really, really expensive. No more expensive than Android, but expensive nonetheless. At just under $2400, and that's before any accessories (including a charger).

The "pros" list is long: incremental upgrades to processor and battery, 5G (for the first time), better cameras with image stabilisation, more resistant glass screen.

Still no USB-C, and the infamous no charger in the box. And no 1TB (does anybody need this in a phone?)

BTW, I always put screen protectors on my devices because I'm paranoid about scratches. The Belkin glass screen protector is the one to get. I know its 50 bucks, but it's great. It comes with an easy align tray to help you get it on flawlessly, with no bubbles.

My one regret (minor). I was so tired when I ordered it (it was midnight on preorder day), I should have gotten a much brighter colour for the case to contrast my pacific blue phone. By preordering straight away, I got my phone on release day. I wasn't home, so the courier took it to the nearest newsagency.

Let me know if you've got or are getting this phone. Let me know how much of the functionality you plan to use.

PS- I'm with Telstra here in Australia, and it seems that my SIM isn't activated for 5G. So I haven't had the chance to try out its rumoured blistering speeds. But hopefully it's now sorted. I just have to go to an area with 5G coverage (currently my suburb doesn't).

See u next time,


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