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Kissing Point Park Playground

We've been coming here for many years now. It's a nice little walk from Shepherd's Bay (near Meadowbank) in Sydney, It's right by the river, and there is a little playground for kids to play in. And if you're lucky, the ice cream van will pass by as you're enjoying a little time out.

Meadowbank is becoming very built up, with the surrounding Shepherd's Bay now full of apartment blocks. I wonder when the time will come when supply starts to grossly exceed demand for new units, and places like this become a new ghetto neighbourhood.

This little play area by the water is catered for most kids. There are swings, slides, spinning things, a sandpit (with a bulldozer scooper), and plenty of climbing activities to do. Our 7 year old really enjoys it. Our 13 year old is kind of past this stage and is happy to just ride her scooter.

I hope you guys all had a wonderful Christmas- let's get ready for 20201


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