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Chinese New Year Lego sets

I was a little surprised when my wife came and told me about 2 new Chinese New Year Lego sets (and I hadn't heard before that). I'm online quite a lot and did not hear about this at all. The fact that these sets sailed under my radar suggests that a lot of people didn't know about this release.

We went as soon as we could do purchase these sets, but both were sold out. Within days, these 2 sets were being sold by flippers at double the RRP ($200 per set).

I don't really know what Lego was thinking. I know that stock shortages create hype and excitement (read: Apple iPhone), but not having any follow-up stock makes this a poor customer relation exercise. It alienates all the fans, and favours people who buy multiple sets in order to make a profit as resellers.

We don't want to buy and sell for a profit- we just wanted a set to commemorate the year our youngest daughter came home. It's a minor thing, but this obviously won't be possible. I hope Lego can make a better fist of the next "limited" release and give everybody a chance to purchase it.

Here is a short video of how we wasted an afternoon or two looking for the 2 sets:

Our kids love Lego, and this won't in any way dampen their enthusiasm for it. It just means the parents just lose a little respect for the company.

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