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Lego Store at Bondi Junction

It was with great anticipation and excitement that we ventured out to Westfield Bondi Junction to visit the recently-opened Lego Store, the first of its kind in Sydney. Three (out of four) of us have been to the Lego stores in the US (Anaheim- Downtown Disney, Las Vegas), and we were very excited to see how the Sydney store stacks up against its American rivals.

The store was nice. It was on a smaller scale, and felt much more cramped than the US stores. There were the usual Legos, but we found few sets which would be very hard to find in your average toy store. Like the Hogwarts castle, the Chinese New Year dragon boats, the lunar module, and the Lego wall (where you get to grab a cup and fill it with various different pieces).

One of the big reasons to come to this store is to find unique / limited edition Lego items. The standard sets can be easily found at lower-than-RRP prices (20% cheaper) at most department stores, throughout the year.

On our particular visit, we met Henry & Cade (I admit I had to Google their names), the winners of Lego Masters Australia.

There is also a new VIP program (the older one has been closed), where you collect points on your spend for potential free Lego on subsequent visits.

I liked the Lego store (although I haven't personally done Lego for a couple of years), but I prefer the one in Downtown Disney. By a long way.

Happy building, and catch you next time.


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