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Luna Park Sydney- Is it as good as the view?

What are my thoughts on this "mini" theme park? Taking Disney out of the equation (there is obviously no comparison), Luna Park is worth the $57 (plus credit card surcharge!)- maybe. Being located right on the harbour is its obvious drawcard, but with this, there are a number of compromises.

Luna Park is not cheap. There aren't a lot of rides, the entertainment is mediocre, and the food is expensive. But the biggest test is: did the kiddos have fun? If they did, then it passes the test.

Check out my video for more thoughts on this:

Luna Park should be thought of as a standalone attraction. It is really the only such attraction in Sydney, so it stands out even without having to make a big noise. If you've never been to a "real" amusement park before, this one is going to be quite good. If you have, you may feel otherwise.

Here is my list of "must have's" for any good theme park:

  • Price is not a deal breaker, as long as there is enough stuff to keep you entertained for at least one entire day

  • Rides which are suitable for anybody. So if you're not into roller coasters, there are still enough attractions for you to enjoy. And there should of course be great rides for the thrill seekers too

  • "Fun" and unique foods, which are not ridiculously overpriced

  • Themed gifts / products / T-shirts / plushies, etc

  • Lots of "peripheral" entertainment like performers, parades, etc

  • Sideshow games, where there is an actual good chance of winning

  • Good crowd control, efficient lines for attractions

  • Enough stuff for you to want to come back time and again

  • Easy to get to

Do you have any other thoughts on your ideal theme park? Let me know in the comments below! Hope you enjoy this post and video, and have a great weekend!


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