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Medical School isn't what you see on TV!

What's life like as a Medical Student? The truth is, it's OK. It's definitely not like the movies. It's not about parties, drinking and hooking up. There's a lot of hard work, memorising (not understanding), loneliness, stress and feeling like you don't belong. And whilst you were probably the smartest kid in school, you're probably going to be just like everyone else at university (because everybody is smart).

Medical School is a great time to make lifelong friends, and get a very basic understanding of what it's like in the trenches. I'm not sure it prepares you for internship because it's not hands on enough.

The way to get through med school is to have a thick skin, and a great memory. That's it. Some students love it, and some don't. But we all had to go through it.

Enjoy the next 6 years, and the debt that awaits you!

I hope you find this video enjoyable and informative.

Until next time,


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