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Happy Mother's Day!

Hope you guys managed to spoil the special lady / ladies in your life! And if you're a Mum (or Mom as I would say) yourself, hope you had a wonderful day!

In this video, our family opens some blind Disney (and Harry Potter) bags. Whilst this is always fun, there is always room for arguments between family members because we don't get the item we were hoping for. So don't blame me if it starts a big fight!

Anyhow, here is the video:

The bags weren't cheap- in fact it cost $38 for the four of them. We only really wanted one of the 4 items we got, but that's why they call them "blind". Have you ever stood in a store and try to feel every single pack to see what they are? I tried once for about 5 seconds, but couldn't be bothered...

I'm usually not that lucky when it comes to getting the really rare items, whether it be these blind packs, Vinylmations, or even sports cards. Yep, no Jordan rookie cards in my house...

Hope you guys enjoy this video, and just keep making stuff!


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