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Netball Semi-Final. Crunch time!

I will always have fond memories of this team. Our eldest daughter has been with them (barring one, terrible season) her entire netball life, and they are really talented.

Whilst always around about the top 4, this team has always fallen short, never getting past the Preliminary Final. Will this be the the year that it all comes together?

Finishing the regular season with an 8-4 record, the girls came up against a team they'd beaten narrowly in both encounters this year.

The game went back and forth, and despite a number of errors, they fought through the inclement weather and recorded a victory, probably their best of the season.

One great thing about sport is that there is nowhere to hide. You're either good enough on the day, or you're not. The best team on paper doesn't always win it all. There's attitude, cohesion as a team, and injuries (or lack of).

There's a lot of talent on this team, no doubt. But sometimes they don't handle adversity well. It is a credit to the whole team and their coach that they made it this far in the competition.

On the day of the Preliminary Final (the next Saturday), they came up against a vastly better team on the day. The girls got frazzled early, and succumbed to numerous mistakes, with multiple turnovers. You can't do that in the finals- it's like a totally different competition. Everybody steps up.

My great hope is that the majority of this team can stay together, and give it one more crack next season. I believe it will be their last opportunity as juniors. What innovations can they come up with to take them to the next level, and hopefully secure a championship?

This netball competition has been a great experience for the girls, with me having only one major gripe. I do not agree with trophies for all players. I think this sends the wrong message, that it's OK to lose, because you'll still be rewarded. I know that this is controversial, but life doesn't work that way.

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