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Learning to ride a bicycle, part 2

6 months ago was probably the first time our daughter ever got on a bicycle. That was in Cooma.

On the other side of the Parramatta River where we often go for walks (Meadowbank), there's a place called Newington Armoury. Adjacent to the river, there's a long bike path, perfect for the kids to learn to ride, and a playground if you feel that way inclined. There's not much shade though, so when it's hot, it's gonna get real hot. And if you head east towards the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf, there's a mall where you can grab some delicious lunch. We ate at a place called T Dumpling, and the food was nice, and reasonably priced too.

We have been spending some time recently teaching our 7 year old how to ride a bike, and we have been exploring a few places on the north side of the harbour. To learn, they need a lot of open space, where they can develop their confidence and not necessarily have to stop and start all the time. This makes the streets not an ideal place for beginners.

As a 7 year old who has never really ridden a bike before, there is one major issue to be dealt with. Training wheels don't fit on larger bikes (because they have gears), so it's no training wheels and just learning to stay upright. She's done such a great job considering she's only been doing this a few times!

One small aside though: with playgrounds and kid's areas, there is a potentially darker side. I've come across, on a few occasions, people who don't belong there. I'm talking about adults with no kids, who should be nowhere near a playground. Sadly, this happens, and it's our responsibility to teach our kids what should happen if such a character crosses their path.

Have fun and stay safe! See you again soon!


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