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How to get an iPhone 11 on release day, without pre-order

It's only been a day since I last posted a video, but there is a time element to my last 2 videos. The iPhone 11 is released on September 20, so I had to get these out real quick. In today's video, I'm gonna give you tips (based on past years) of how to secure the phone you want, on release day, without pre-order. Now, please be aware that Apple might decide to change everything, and not have the reservation system up on the first day, or they might not have a reservation system at all (unlikely).

This is purely historical experience on what you can do if you are desperate to get the phone on release.

The hype tends to last many weeks (especially when there are substantial improvements in features, and this is one of those phones), so these tips might be of use to you.

I acknowledge the "different courses for different horses" thing, and that my opinion may not be the same as yours- and that' all good!

Just have fun with it, because that's why we do stuff!

Until next time,


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