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A Walk Along The River

It's been a hot Summer. Real hot. By that, I mean, days of 47 degrees, everything is burning hot. The drought and bushfires have caused irrevocable damage to this country- and it's only half over, for this Summer. With all the sadness and tragedy that has occurred, we all need to find ways to keep our spirits high. Time with family, friends, even by ourselves, maybe just the thing we need.

This day was a nice day to walk along Parramatta River. It wasn't sunny; in fact, you couldn't see far because the city was blanketed by bushfire smoke. But it wasn't hot. It was actually a little drizzly, which was nice. Real nice. We parked our car, walked a bit, and then ate at the best dumpling place in Sydney, in our opinion. The food is reasonably price, and most importantly, delicious. It's like they've actually taken the time to make the dumplings, and not done it like some sort of production line.

This week's video is short, but I think it's nice for the things it represents. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you enjoy my content overall. I really love making videos, and to be real, even if nobody watches them, I would still keep making. Because creating is who I am.

See you next time,


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