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Our First Road Trip In A Long While

We've not left Sydney in months, and with the restrictions lifted, it was time to take a short trip to Cooma to check on my wife's parents. It actually felt a bit strange, but it was kinda nice to get away, even though we were only there for one full day (and a bit). We're still taking precautions, and making sure that we wear masks whenever we're with others, and we check-in at every place we stop.

I normally do a timelapse of the setting sun each time I visit, but this time, it was overcast or rainy, so no sunset was seen. There are actually some very photogenic places around Cooma and on the drive there, if one has the time to stop and savour the view. On this occasion, we did not, buy maybe next time...

It was the first time in a long time that I have made a vlog, and added a few cinematic components to it. I did have a few technical issues with the external hard drive, but I managed to salvage all the footage that I took, which was good. I feel that my iPad Mini 6 is more than adequate as a device / storage backup for my camera on a short trip like this, and it definitely saved me from having to lug around a laptop all my iPad Pro.

I hope you guys are well; see you again soon!


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