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Roly the class mascot goes on an adventure

Each week, a student from the class gets to take Roly the plushie dog home. And he goes on adventures with that child for the whole week, returning on Friday with photos of his travels. This week was our turn, and Roly went to the netball, the mall, and then to an ice-skating birthday party at Macquarie ice rink.

Lucky he's fury, because it was freezing at the ice rink! In terms of the party, I think that it was a little disorganised. The kids didn't get that much instruction (considering they're 7), and didn't get a lot of assistance in helping them get around the rink. I remember in the past they used to use chairs or cones to help the kids stay upright. In terms of the supplied food, there were chips, pizza and cordial, in a tiny room (like a change room) at the side of the rink.

This is actually a really great idea except for one thing: it's the middle of Winter, and the kids have colds and are coughing all over the little guy. We were sure to spray plenty of sanitiser on to him before he was cuddled.

One annoying thing that occurred during the creation of this video: I used some royalty-free music that was part of the LumaFusion app (called Storyblocks), and this "free" music resulted in a Content ID claim on YouTube. It took me another hour to choose new audio and re-upload, which was annoying. This is just FYI.

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