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The Royal Easter Show

This is an annual event in Sydney, but not an annual event for us. We last went some three or four years ago; the reason we don't go every year is because it's usually not a great experience. And I'm not talking about the cost (around $100 for a family to enter, before any food, show bags, rides), but just the way it's organised (ie. chaos).

This year, with our new daughter, we gave it another go. Was it better than last time? I think the answer is yes! The transport was not a hassle, and whilst the show was crowded, we did get to try stuff.

The secret of going to the Easter Show with kids is to plan, and budget. For example, make a list of everything you want to see, and do them first (with the exception of show bags- definitely do that last!). Set a budget of how much the family is allowed to spend on food, show bags, carnival games, and rides. We spent $150 there, but without a limit, you could easily spend $300, or $500.

I also used this opportunity to make a video exclusively using my new rig: the Canon EOS R with the EFS 10-18mm lens + Rode microphone. How did that work out?

Check out my video to find out!

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Keep filming!


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