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Another Day, Another Walk (1st weekend in April 2020)- Part 2

As the world continues to fight this virus, we are trying to do our part- by not going out except for essential needs, plus exercise. It's not the ideal life, but it's life at the moment, and there is no point complaining about it.

On today's walk, we discovered a new initiative. Our neighbours have put teddy bears in the windows of their homes so that the kids have something interesting to search for during their walks. What a great idea!

And did I tell you how fun Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch is? I've been playing this every night before bed, and it's highly addictive! I think both the game and console are sold out at the moment, because everybody is at home!

Anyway, as always, continue to stay inside, away from people, and stay safe.

Until next time,


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