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So, why did I buy the Sony 70-200 G-Master lens?

I've used the Canon equivalent (the 70-200/2.8IS) for awhile. I've shot portraits with it. Also weddings and netball. It's a great lens (although it's very heavy).

On a Canon body that is. Don't get me wrong, this lens is great on Sony mirrorless bodies with the Metabones adapter, but there are a few issues. Eye focus doesn't work well, and this combination is problematic when trying to focus in difficult lighting. And this happens a lot at weddings.

Because I can't afford to miss a critical moment due to focussing issues, I've decided to purchase the Sony equivalent- the 70-200/2.8 GM. It's not cheap, but it's native Sony lens, so it should do better. There's only one way to find out- and I'll find out soon.

Here is a video outlining my reasons for buying a duplicate lens from a different manufacturer:

Let's see how much a difference this lens makes.

More updates to follow,


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