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The best vlogging setup ever?

I know that this would be a big call, but as of right now, June 2020, the Sony ZV-1 plus the shooting grip with wireless remote commander might be the best in show. My video, and an article that I wrote for Medium gives you all the info ab out the specs, so I won't repeat them here right now, but I will quickly summarise the best features:

  • A LCD screen that rotates out to the side rather than up or down

  • Fast AF with Eye AF

  • Product Showcase feature with lightning fast switching of focus

  • No fixed 4K shooting time

  • Fast 24-70mm equivalent lens with a 1 inch sensor

  • Built in hot-shoe and mic, plus an external mic jack

Now this thing isn't cheap for a "point and shoot", at $1299 (release price, apparently will go up after that) plus an extra $249 (Australian dollars) for the grip. And that's before my "essential" accessories that I want with any new camera- extra batteries, SD cards and screen protector. We know that the battery life isn't awesome (it uses the same battery as the RX100 series), and right now I'm not sure what the life of the battery in the grip is (it uses one of those annoying CR2032 coin batteries, and they don't come rechargeable).

If you're looking for a mainly for vlogging camera, this might be just the one for you. I bought one on pre-order, and received it about a week ago, so I've only had a little time to test it all out. But here is the video about what I've found so far:

If you want to read my Medium article, just jump on here.

Until next time,


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