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We Don't Seem to Be In This Together

In Sydney, we are currently neck-deep in a Covid-19, Delta-variant outbreak. But instead of working together, we are blaming, rebelling and protesting about the lockdown. Since the middle of June when this started, the number of infectious people in the community has continued to rise, and five weeks later, we are no closer to any improvement.

Despite harsher lockdowns, some people continue to ignore the rules; this in fact, culminated in mass gatherings both here in Sydney and in Melbourne, with thousands of maskless people protesting the "unfairness" of the lockdown. The protest in Sydney resulted in both an increased risk of creating a super-spreader event which will bite us in the butt in 2 weeks, but it also showed us what nasty, vile creatures are capable of doing. Like punching a police horse in the face.

Make no mistake, this is a tough period, and it will take a lot of resolve to get through this in one piece. And fighting amongst ourselves is not going to get it done. Protesting in this way will only prolong the lockdown rather than shorten it.

And spare a moment to think about all the front line workers, the shopkeepers, and all the other hard working folk who are having to go to work during this time in order to keep our city functioning. They do not deserve to have their hard work thrown back in their face by such people who care so little for others.

Stay safe everyone,


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