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Telstra Locator- Should you pay for it?

For $10 per month, you get to have some locator tags which leverages the power of the Telstra community and their network.

You will all have seen Bluetooth tags that are available in stores. They're small, battery powered, and helps you to find missing keys, or whatever else the tag is attached to. But the Telstra locator tags takes this one step further, by having them connected to the vast Telstra network within Australia, so that you can locate your item further afield.

But there is a cost. $10 per month as a subscription. I got mine for free as part of the loyalty scheme. Would I pay for it? Watch the video for my 0.02c.

The important thing to remember is that the tags will only work in an area of Telstra network coverage, and obviously will not work outside Australia. The Bluetooth tags have batteries that are user-replaceable (which I consider to be an essential), whilst the wifi tag is rechargeable (there are a few issues with this however).

If you lose your stuff frequently, this might be useful for you. That's the beauty of having choices right?

See you next time,


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