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It's Tiggerific! A toy store in Sydney that actually has some Disney toys!

If there's one thing that I could wish for, is that there is more Disney merchandise available here in Australia. We're starved of all the great stuff that our American (and many other countries in Europe / UK / Asia) friends can get, and we would love more! The current options for buying Disney stuff from overseas are so expensive (both with the rubbish exchange rate and the cost of shipping); there's so little Disney goodness here, and most of it is very generic. Stores like Zing Pop Culture are bringing in more Disney collectibles, and this ToyMate store in Castle Hill has a reasonable amount of Disney toys.

Everybody here has jumped on board the Toy Story 4 band wagon, but all the toys are the same. I wish there were more plushies, Tsum Tsums, T-shirts, etc but I think I'll be waiting a long time for that to happen. Disney is missing out on a great opportunity and they surely would realise that there is a market here, if done properly? The Disney Australia website doesn't have a Shop Disney Online Store, and I'm not sure that there will be one anytime soon. So we continue to suffer. So Disney, if you're reading this, please bring us more! I'm ready to help!

Have a great weekend,


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