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Reviewing a- toaster?

Things are getting desperate! Without having bought much tech in the last few months, I've taken to reviewing a toaster in my new video. After all, we do need a new toaster, because the last one stopped working. We've had that one for more than 10 years so it's performed well past its expected lifespan.

Why do toasters vary from like $12 to over $200? After all, they just cook bread right? I'm kinda thinking that way. I would steer away from the really budget toasters because they are plastic and feel really flimsy. Some of them are so light that the cord itself will actually move the toaster when it is moved, which isn't very safe. We bought one for $36. It's got a chrome finish which looks nice in the kitchen, and not surprisingly, it makes toast. We don't really need the fancy ones or the ones that can toast 4 slices at a time. We're happy.

There are certain things that I am more than happy to pay a premium for, but toasters are not one of those things.

Have a great week, and I hope you enjoy some nice- toast.

See you soon,


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