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Building our new trampoline!

Or old one has lasted for over 10 years, despite the harsh Sydney weather. But now, with rusty springs, and holes in the fabric, time has come for a new trampoline- a larger one that copes better with our growing kids.

The first step towards a new trampoline is purchasing- which we did online, from a company called Premier Trampolines. They had a half-off sale, so that's where we went. Within a week or so of the order, the trampoline arrived at a front door. The next step was to dismantle the old trampoline (which wasn't that fun), and get rid of it in the council clean-up. The final step (recruiting our youngest daughter to help), involved building out the new trampoline.

It was pretty hot that afternoon, and the building took about 3 hours. It was reasonably straight forward, except for one step that didn't make sense, so we kinda just made it up. The instructions (especially the pictures) weren't particularly clear, but we got it done, and the girls are loving it.

Given the fact that the next 6 months at least will be one of being confined at home, this trampoline is much needed. Hopefully it will help burn off some of the kid's energy and keep the parents sane.

Hope you guys are well, and please stay safe, and follow the advice of the experts. Stay off the news and social media, or it'll drive you mad. Take it from me. It's already driven me nuts.

Until next time,


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