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Why we go to Umina

Umina is one of those places we go to occasionally, not because it's the most beautiful place in the world, but rather, because it is convenient for us. Sometimes (rarely for me), we like to go out in the sun and hang out at the beach. Beaches in Sydney are always really crowded, and it's almost impossible to find parking, so we venture a little further. Because we don't want to spend half the day in the car, we sometimes head up to the Central Coast, as it's only an hour or so from our place. Going south involves going through the city, which in itself, can be an hour's journey.

Umina Beach happens to be one of the closer beaches, and it is not as crowded as many places. There's also a big park near there, and a pretty decent fish & chips place too. And a McDonald's, if that's something you're into.

There's a family-oriented caravan park directly across from the beach, but it's expensive. Not only during the school holidays, but all throughout Summer. We find this place only of value in the Winter months.

We would love to see a lot more of the quirkier and unique stores, but sadly, it's a sign of the times. These stores aren't that popular, so they're slowly (or quickly) going out of business, leaving only the chain stores behind.

Next time we go up to stay, we're going to hire an AirBnB, which will also be our first experience with that.

Here's the video:

Catch you guys next time.


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